Saturday, 19 June 2010

Klashnekoff - Back To The Sagas (2010)

Fourth LP from Klashnekoff; ‘Back to the Sagas’, great to hear something so fresh and new from such a classic UK MC. I feel ‘Lash really came with a good new sound here; I remember hearing Paper Up first and knowing he was on to something crazy.

The first track [Church Intro] produced by myself while Joe Buddha, Smasher, Sleeping Giants & Armz handles the rest of the beats.

You can find it out now digitally on iTunes, Spotify & Juno however the physical release will be on 26th July via HMV, Amazon,, Dark ‘N’ Cold, and many others.

[audio clip coming soon]

Stand out tracks: Paper Up, Church Intro, K-Lash Anthem, Back To The Sagas & Somebody Tell Me